Ontario Disability Lawyer Matt Lalande has recovered millions in
wrongfully denied their wrongful disability benefits since 2003.
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Based out of Hamilton office, Disability Lawyer Matt Lalande has been a voice for people wrongfully denied their long-term disability benefits since 2003.  To contact Matt, please call 1-844-434-7224 or email us through our website today.

Disability Lawyer Matt Lalande has recovered millions over the past 20 years for people who have been wrongfully denied their long-term disability benefits. 

Matt Lalande is a leader in the disability and insurance trial bar. Since 2003, he has represented disabled people and other policyholders across the Canada in both STD and LTD disputes, focusing primarily in the areas of disability, life, and health insurance. Matt Lalande is the principal lawyer of Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers, a boutique litigation firm in Hamilton, Ontario and has been practicing disability law since 2003. Matt comes from a long line of family members who have practiced law for nearly the past 50 years. His brother is a lawyer in the nation’s capital, many of his cousins are lawyers, and his father, Justice Randall Lalande, was a lawyer who represented victims for 25 years before becoming a Judge. Matt graduated from the University of Ottawa (Law) in 2003, and has represented disability claimants ever since.

Recognized as one of Canada’s Best Lawyers

Matt has been recognized by his peers in the community as one of Canada’s best lawyers from 2018 to 2022. He has been recognized in Hamilton with local business awards, and has been asked to speak at events, conferences, organizations, medical and orthopedic conferences and medical peer study dinners on over 75 different occasions. He has also had the pleasure of being asked to contribute to countless publications, from local newspapers to the Globe and Mail leadership lab articles. Matt has also appeared on CHCH and 680 news in regards to disability benefit litigation and helping disabled claimants.

Matt Lalande is a Contributor to the textbook “Disability Insurance Law in Canada”

In 2022, Matt Lalande was invited by Eric Schjerning, author of “Disability Law in Canada” to contribute a chapter this his well known textbook  “Disability Insurance Law in Canada”. The book is one of Canada’s only legal textbook for lawyers which has been published in the field of disability law. Matt’s chapter focused on certain aspects in regard to representing disability claimants (plaintiffs) in long-term disability cases.

Matt Lalande is both a Trial Lawyer and Educator.

While dedicating his career to helping the sick, hurt and disabled, Matt has handled numerous jury and bench trials, mediations and settlement hearings.  He is experienced in all areas of disability, critical illness and life insurance law.  Matt Lalande also teaches disability law to other lawyers. He has chaired conferences and has spoken about disability insurance on countless occasions. Matt has also consulted on trial work for other lawyers and has published numerous papers and given many presentations on cross-examining biased medical professionals paid by disability insurance companies to perform “independent assessments.”

Matt has also published numerous papers and given many presentations on teaching medical professionals on how to best prepare for and survive cross-examination.  Since 2003, Matt, a former director of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, has written and presented over 75 times to various medical organizations, trial lawyer conferences, the Hamilton Bar Association, the Halton Bar Association, orthopedic general meetings and various other groups and conferences on personal injury, disability and employment law issues.

Feel supported and stop struggling with a faceless system that does not care

With 20 years of disability litigation experience and hundreds of successful claims behind him, Matt and his team know how to navigate the complicated Long-Term Disability Claims Process. Matt has met wonderful people on his journey who have been left hopeless and desperate by a system that just does not care. Matt’s greatest motivation is to see these people get the benefits they deserve and to restore their hope, allowing them to recover and plan the future they deserve, while not worrying about food on the table of a roof over their head. If you’ve been your denied long-term disability benefits in Ontario, or anywhere in Canada, stop struggling with a faceless system that does not care.

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If you have a long-term disability question, please feel free to call disability lawyer Matt Lalande today no matter where you are in Ontario at 1-844-4-DISABILITY or local if you live in Southern Ontario at 905-333-8888. Alternatively, you can reach Matt by emailing confidentially through our website and your inquiry will be directed to him if you make that request.

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