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We Contributed to the Book on Disability Law.

Disability Insurance Law in Canada is a legal textbook available to lawyers and judges nationwide – and often referred to by our Courts as a legal authority.

Matt Lalande is proud to have contributed a chapter to the text book “Disability Insurance Law in Canada”.  The book, now on edition number 3, was written by Eric Schjerning, a well known and respected pioneer in the field of Canadian disability insurance law.  Matt is proud to have been asked to contribute a chapter to the book.

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Our Disability Lawyers represent Disabled People nationwide.

Camporese Lalande Disability Lawyers represent disabled people and their families in Ontario and across Canada.

Since 1984, we have successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars in long-term disability, short-term disability, individual disability, long term care and life insurance disputes for individuals across Canada. We understand the common tactics utilized by insurance companies. Many unreasonable denials can be overturned – but you need the assistance of a disability lawyer to be successful in getting your benefits back on track.

Is talking to a Long-Term Disability Lawyer free?

At our Firm – YES. Our Disability Lawyers NEVER charge people to tell their story. It is not fair to ask disabled people for money after their benefits have been cut-off.

Talking to our Long-Term Disability Lawyers about your story, whether it is for 2 minutes or 3 hours, is ALWAYS FREE. We never, under any circumstances, ask the disabled for money while they are suffering from a disability and struggling financially in a time of need. Call us TODAY at 1-844-4-DISABILITY or send us an email through our website to set up your FREE CONSULTATION today. All calls are completely confidential.

The FEE is FREE. You DON’T PAY until we win.

You only pay us at the end of your case – and never before.

With our Disability Lawyers, we never charge clients to talk. Consultations with our disability law firm are 100%  free. We will take as long as you need to talk to us about your long-term disability claim and give you the right legal advice for your situation. Also, if you decide that you want to file a disability claim against your long-term disability insurer, our fees are free until we win. We will never ask you for money upfront – at any time. We will fund your entire case and, even better, our disability lawyers will not charge you any money if we are unsuccessful.

My Long-Term Disability was denied – What do I do?

Long-term Disability benefits are supposed to protect your income and provide the money you and your family need when you can no longer work.

You suffer from a disabling condition, your long-term disability benefits have been denied or cut off, and now, you are left in a terrible financial predicament with no way to pay your bills. Your adjuster is not listening to you. They don’t care what you have to say. They cut off your disability benefits despite your own doctors saying you can’t work. They believe what they want to believe. They believe that you can “get back to work” or “do something” when, in reality, they don’t understand the big picture. They don’t understand that you are suffering. In fact, you may feel that the treatment from your disability adjuster is making matters worse and aggravating your medical condition.

It’s a situation that we see time and time again in this faceless system. We understand that you’ve paid disability premiums on every single paycheque and now in your time of need your disability insurer won’t pay you. In exchange for premium payments, you expected that your disability insurance company would pay a monthly disability benefit to help pay your bills and, at a minimum, keep a roof over your head. To you, it was affordable financial protection and invaluable peace of mind. To them, it was only profit.

How do I find a Disability Lawyer near me?

“Disability near me” is a very common search query. Finding an expert in disability litigation to fight for you can be challenging, but you can always count on us. Based in Hamilton, Ontario we serve claimants all over Ontario and Canada.

Finding a long-term disability lawyer is not always easy since disability law is a complex and specialized practice. You will more likely than not need to retain a disability lawyer that is located in a larger metro area who will service smaller surrounding communities. We ALWAYS recommend hiring a disability lawyer in a city closest to you – but with today’s technology, video-conferencing technology and electronic filing systems, hiring a disability lawyer has become a much easier thing to do. In fact, our lawyers serve clients not only in Hamilton but all over the province. We have disability clients that we serve from Timmins to Niagara and from Ottawa to Windsor.

Our disability lawyers appreciate the ability to meet clients face-to-face and have them come into the office anytime they wish, meet with our lawyers and have a conversation about their case – but at the same time, if you are unable to meet our disability lawyers in person, we can always meet via Zoom, Facetime or Teams anytime you wish. We not only service clients in Hamilton, Ontario – but throughout Canada. Call us today to set up your free disability consultation video conference if you are unable to visit our disability law firm.

Who are Camporese Lalande Disability Lawyers?

Our Disability Trial Lawyers are lawyers that Disability Insurance Carriers know and Respect. Our main lawyers, Art Camporese and Matt Lalande have represented hundreds of disability claimants all over Ontario since 1984.

Camporese Lalande Disability Lawyers is led by Ontario long-term disability lawyer Matt Lalande and well-known Hamilton, Ontario trial lawyer and mediator Art Camporese. Both Matt and Art have been practicing Disability Law in Ontario since 1984, have represented countless disabled victims and have recovered millions in wrongfully denied disability benefits. Disability insurance companies know and understand that we are trial lawyers who are experienced in disability litigation and know how to properly assess, evaluate and present a long-term disability case to a judge or jury. Wherever you live, and whatever your disabling condition is, our Ontario disability lawyers will be on your side and will  fight for the justice you deserve. Our Ontario disability lawyers are dedicated to helping the hurt, sick and disabled get the long-term disability benefits they deserve – all over Ontario.

Call us TODAY at 1-844-4-DISABILITY or send us an email through our website to set up your FREE CONSULTATION today. All calls are completely confidential.



Stop struggling with a System that does not Care.

Once your disability insurance company has denied your disability benefits, they will not change their mind. You need to hire your own disability lawyer to fight for your benefits.

Disability Insurance Companies want you to think that being denied or cut off your disability is the end. This is not the case. You have the full right to contact a disability lawyer to discuss whether or not your disability insurance company had the lawful right to deny or cut off your disability benefits. Unfortunately, many claimants are wrongfully, improperly and unlawfully denied their long-term disability benefits. Many times, disability claims adjusters come to the opinion that you can go back to work and do something, which is often not the case. If you’ve been denied your long-term disability benefits, stop struggling with a system that does not care. Stop struggling with a system that won’t listen to you or your doctors and that only has tunnel vision with one objective – to get you back to work.

Is your Disability Claims Adjuster making things worse?

On countless occasions we have seen disability claims adjusters not only frustrate policyholders with their lack of sympathy, communication and consideration, but we have seen them actually worsen their policyholder’s mental health.

This is a tremendously sad situation that is not uncommon – and is something that our disability lawyers often see. On the one hand, your disability claims adjuster is supposed to listen to you and collect enough clinical evidence to make a decision as to whether or not you satisfy the definition of “total disability” that is stated in your disability insurance policy. The reality, however, is that many claims adjusters do not properly assess clinical records. They may refuse to take the claimant’s clinical directions under consideration or really listen to what they have to say. Instead, no matter the medical condition, some claims adjusters refuse to be impartial, override clinicians, pretend that they have a medical degree, and get obsessed with their mission of getting a person back to work, often a lot sooner than they should. Even more often, claimants’ conditions are aggravated, exacerbated and made worse by the treatment they receive from their “rogue” claims adjuster and end up in a worse mental position than they started.

Call us TODAY at 1-844-4-DISABILITY or send us an email through our website to set up your FREE CONSULTATION today. All calls are completely confidential.

Should I file an Internal Appeal?

In our opinion, the internal appeals process is far from “independent.”  In most cases, appeals fail. They take time – all while you are left without income to pay your bills and survive.

We are often asked by disability claimants whether they should file an internal appeal before hiring one of our Ontario disability lawyers. The answer is that it is up to you. In extremely rare circumstances, it may be worth it – for example, if someone suffers an irreversible psychiatric condition or a spinal cord injury – but in 99% of cases, internal appeals don’t overturn prior denials. Your case is simply being reviewed by a so-called “appeals committee” who is being paid a salary by the same insurance company that denied you. There is no “independent” body that reviews your appeal. There is no “fast-track” as is often advertised. While you are left without income, the appeals process can take more than 3 months, which is more than enough time to send a person into complete and total financial chaos. Remember, the committee that reviews your appeal is employed by the same insurance company that denied your long-term disability benefits. Oftentimes, we see the process as a “delay tactic,” meaning that the longer you get stuck in the appeals process, the longer that it will take for you to hire an Ontario disability lawyer to fight for you – and the longer you are left without money to live.

Call us TODAY at 1-844-4-DISABILITY or send us an email through our website to set up your FREE CONSULTATION today. All calls are completely confidential.

Can I change Disability Lawyers if I am not happy?

While it’s always best to try and reconcile your relationship with your current lawyer,  you are entitled to a second opinion from another lawyer.

Clients can no doubt be frustrated with their current lawyers for many reasons. We understand that you may be disappointed with such things as loss of faith and confidence, communication issues, the lack of updates or perhaps you haven’t been prepared properly in advance for certain matters. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, you have the right to change counsel. However, we always recommend that you speak to your current lawyer to try to resolve your issues, but if you cannot, you’re certainly entitled to obtain a second opinion about your case and the issues you are experiencing with your current lawyer.

Changing lawyers does not cost you any more money, will not set back your case and, in fact, might actually help your case if the relationship between you and your current lawyer has permanently broken down. The process is quite easy. If you hire our Ontario disability lawyers, it will be us that terminates the services of your former lawyer – which alleviates any uncomfortable process for you.





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    Since 1984, our Disability Lawyers have recovered tens of millions in compensation for sick and hurt people all over Ontario.

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    Serving Disability Claimants all over Ontario

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    We pride ourselves on helping people when they need it most. We pride ourselves on integrity. No matter if the case is worth $20,000 or $2M, we put in the same effort for our clients. Always.

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      “Matt Lalande halped get my long-term disability benefits back. It was a longer fight than expected, but he managed to help make things right again. Would recommend A+++++ Thank you Matt.”

      Patricia Williamson Long-Term Disability

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      “Matt Lalande helped me attain my long-term disability benefits. The denial of benefits caused me substantial stress on top of my existing condition. Matt Lalande and his team were very understanding and explained the whole process clearly. They were confident that we would be successful. Dealing ...

      Cheryl Oddie Long-Term Disability

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      My experience with Mr. Matt Lalande and his team was exceptional. Matt is a very impressive professional when involved in a long-term disability benefits denial. Matt and Heather responded to all my emails and phone calls in a prompt and efficient manner. Matt is a great and honest lawyer. I highly reco...

      Payne Momich Long-Term Disability

    Meet The Team

    Our Long-Term Disability Lawyers and Union Specialists have recovered millions in wrongfully denied disability benefits for claimants since 1984. Call us now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are common questions that are long-term disability lawyers are often asked by claimants who have been denied their long-term disability benefits:

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    Ask a Disability Lawyer


    Camporese Lalande Disability Lawyers is owned and operated by Arthur Camporese and Matt Lalande. Matt and Arthur also own separate law firms, made up of two firms – Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers and Camporese Sullivan DiGregorio. Matt Lalande and Art Camporese, the principal of both firms, are disability trial lawyers who have been practicing disability law since 2003 and 1984, respectively.

    When your disability claim is denied, you will receive a letter from your disability insurance company which will advise you of the date your disability benefits will be cut off and the reason why. They will most likely advise you that you have the option of submitting new medical information, if any, and appealing your decision internally.

    If a person believes that he or she has been wrongfully denied or cut-off long-term disability benefits, that person has the right to hire a disability lawyer and start a legal claim against their disability insurer for breach of contract and reinstatement of their monthly benefits.

    In Canada, it is not possible to know how many long-term disability claims are denied. There is no statistical database that monitors private disability insurance company denials, either in terms of group benefits or private policies. We can tell you, however, that we are contacted on almost a daily basis in regards to disability insurance companies denying long-term disability benefits in Canada.

    Yes. With Lalande Disability Lawyers, our consultations are always free for claimants denied long-term disability, no matter what the situation. We believe that you should never have to pay a disability lawyer for a consultation, especially after being cut off from long-term disability benefits and suffering from financial stress.

    You can qualify to receive long-term disability benefits if you satisfy the definition of “total disability” within the context of your disability policy.  Total disability normally means that for the first 24 months, you are unable to sustain the regular duties of your own job. After 24 months, total disability normally means that you cannot sustain the duties of any employment for which you are qualified by way of education, training or experience.

    In our opinion, internal appeals rarely work. You are simply having your denied claims reviewed by other employees paid by the same insurance company.

    At Lalande Disability Lawyers, we only get paid when you get paid. We work on contingency, which means that our disability lawyers will only charge legal fees if we are successful at having your benefits reinstated or if we reach a lump sum settlement of your past and future benefits.

    A disability lawyer is able to be your advocate. Remember, the onus is on the claimant to prove his or her disability. A disability lawyer can put the best case together for you, advance legal arguments about why you are disabled, show that you satisfy the definitions of disability as set out in your contract and should be entitled to benefits, and prove that the insurer breached its contract by cutting off your monthly benefits.

    Many long-term disability claims are commonly made due to cancer (breast cancer, lung cancer cervical and prostate cancer are most prominent), heart disease, serious injury, depression, anxiety, psychiatric issues and bipolar disorder.

    If you’re applying through a group insurance policy, you would talk to your benefits administrator. He or she would be able to provide you with the application and attending physician statement required to apply. You should ask for the documents as you near the end of your “elimination period” or short term-disability.

    When you are no longer disabled as per policy definition or you reach the age of 65, your long-term disability would normally end.

    If your long-term disability benefits have been terminated, or denied completely, then yes, you should speak to a long-term disability lawyer sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to recover your monthly benefits.

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