Ret. Justice R.W. Lalande

Ret. Justice Randall Lalande has presided over 1000 trials.
As Counsel, his experience in preparing disability trials is invaluable.
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25 years as a trial lawyer, 22 years on the bench. Justice Lalande knows how to prepare a trial from the
moment a client walks in the door, to the moment judgment is rendered.

Retired Justice Randall Lalande – 47 Years of Trial Experience

Justice Lalande retired on June 3rd 2022 after 25 years as a trial lawyer and 22 years as a sitting Judge.  Over his 47 year career Justice Lalande has gained a wealth of trial experience both as an advocate and as a decider of facts. He is known in the Sudbury community as a Judge who was patient and understanding, fair and impartial, a Judge who has a deep understanding of the law and even more important – someone who always remained unbiased even when faced with difficult decisions. He was known as a judge for his three philosophies – reasonableness, patience and flexibility – words which he used in Court every day.

As a Laurentian University Economics graduate, Justice Lalande went on to study law at the University of Western Ontario (1973) and was called to the bar in 1975.  After his call to the bar, Judge Lalande joined the firm Paquette, Campbell as a junior partner. He also served as the president of the Sudbury District Law Association in 1984.  Justice Lalande quickly moved into the role of senior partner and after Justice John Keast later joined the firm, the two trial lawyers rebranded the firm to Lalande, Paquette, Keast and Renzini, where he remained until he was appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice in 2000.  Judge Lalande is one of the only judges to hold the distinction of having presided in all of the 29 community court locations in the northeast region, including Attawapiskat, Moose Factory and Fort Albany.

The Elements of Good Judgment

Over the span of his 47 year career, Justice Lalande was fortunate to represent plaintiffs in numerous personal injury actions, insurance companies in the role of defence counsel and conduct many jury and non-jury trials for both sides. He has represented families through difficult times, injury and accident victims and claims adjusters from various major insurers.

As a judge, Lalande presided over thousands of cases, including attempted murder cases, many sexual assault cases and drug trafficking cases.  He has gained a wealth of knowledge on the bench, particularly in terms of mastering the rules of evidence, the trial of an action and effective advocacy. Lalande believes that effective trial advocacy requires expertise in the relevant area of the law, excellent legal writing and oral advocacy skills, and deep litigation experience – all qualities which Lalande possess.

Trial Counsel 

Although Justice Lalande does not appear in Court – he, along with Justice J.D. Keast, are trial counsel to Camporese Lalande Disability Lawyers. Trial preparation begins long before the trial – and Justice Lalande is a critical part of the team who always brings a fresh perspective to the case.  When a case is scheduled for trial, Justice Lalande aids in the investigation and development of facts and how they are to be presented to a judge or jury. He is an expert on making sure the case is a clear, and provides an objective appreciation of the facts of the case. Justice Lalande also assists with all facets of drafting appropriate and effective direct and cross examinations, as well as effective and persuasive opening and closing statements. Also, having insight into how the courts operate and how justices tend to rule – i.e. whether they tend to rule more cautiously or whether they more inclined to setting new precedent – Justice Lalande provides invaluable expertise in presenting the facts and issues effectively, quickly and clearly.

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