About Lalande Disability Lawyers

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About Lalande Disability Lawyers

Lalande Disability Lawyers is an alliance  between Matt Lalande and Arthur Camporese, who are the principals of Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers and Camporese Sullivan Di Gregorio. Since 1984, Matt and Art have been representing the rights of disabled people who’s disability benefits have been wrongly terminated by their disability insurers.  Matt and Arthur are disability trial lawyers who have represented hundreds of claimants denied their disability benefits and left without a source of income while suffering.

Matt Lalande not only practices disability law – he wrote the book on it. Matt is the only invited contributing author to a textbook entitled Disability Law in Canada – which is the only legal textbook for lawyers about the practice of Canadian Disability Law. Matt will be the main author on the 4th edition of the only disability law book in the country.

Matt Lalande graduated from law school in 2003 and since that time, he has been representing the rights of disabled people who have been wrongfully denied their LTD Benefits. Matt has represented thousands of disability claimants and has recovered millions in denied long-term disability benefits for people who have deserved them. Matt understands both how disability policies work and the struggles that people with disabilities face on a daily basis, and he works tirelessly to ensure that they are treated fairly under the law. Matt is a strong advocate for the disabled community.  Currently Matt is also principal of Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers – a boutique litigation firm that specializes in complex injury law, disability cases and employment law.

When it comes to trial, there is no substitute for experience. Arthur Camporese is a skilled advocate who is trial-tested and knows how to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients, whether it is through arbitration, jury trial or a non-jury trial. Arthur is extremely experienced in dealing with all aspects of a trial from preparing the case theme and trial strategy – to knowing how to work with juries to get them to see things from his client’s perspective and understand the importance of their case. Arthur has conducted hundreds of arbitration as well as jury and non-jury trials over since 1984.  Arthur understands how to handle all  disability claim matters as well as the processes and common tactics employed by disability insurance carriers in attempting to deny or terminate disability insurance benefit claims. Currently Arthur is principal of Camporese Sullivan Digregorio, an insurance law firm in Hamilton, Ontario.

Nearly 60 Years of Combined Experience

With nearly 60 years of combined experience, Lalande Disability Lawyers can help enforce your contractual rights to wrongfully denied disability benefits. We understand how to navigate the often complex and confusing legal landscape surrounding disability insurance and have the experience to help any claimant resolve a disability claim dispute in a way that is advantageous to them in terms of meeting their financial needs and priorities. If you are facing any difficulties with your  disability insurance company, it is important to consult with one of our disability lawyers who have the necessary experience and expertise to help you.

How can Lalande Disability Lawyers help me?

Our Long-Term Disability Lawyers have recovered over $10 Million in wrongfully denied long-term disability benefits for claimants across Canada. We are based in Hamilton, Ontario and handle cases all over Canada. If you become unable to work because of an illness or injury and have long term disability (LTD) insurance or a disability insurance policy, you may have already found that dealing with your claims examiner can be extremely frustrating and complicated. In our experience many claimants are upset with complaints of unhealthy or inconsistent communication between them and the disability insurance company, the lack of call or email return, misunderstanding, complaints regarding how their disability claims adjuster “lacks” thge full understanding or appreciation for their illness, the perceived notion that the adjuster “does not like them”, opinions regarding why they believe their clinical situation or disability has been devalued, the re-telling of their story with new adjusters taking over the file, frustration regarding the misjudged potential of returning to work and most important – feeling that the disability claims adjuster is making decisions to terminate benefits contrary to the advice of the their own family doctor.  Needless to say that, in more cases than not, emotions are a very real part of meeting with the disability claimant for the first time. Claimants are often overwhelmed with feelings of resentment, hopelessness, feeling disregarded, financially abandoned – all of which can lead to devastating impact on a person’s mental and physical health.